Main Focus Action Plan

At Ysgol Talhaiarn we pride ourselves in providing a voice for our pupils, In order to do this we have an established school council which has a number of representatives who are elected from each classroom.

The school council represents the whole school and provide opportunities for pupils to feedback any concerns to the representatives. The school council provides a meaningful way in which enables pupils to discuss matters relating to their school, providing them with opportunities to improve their school and to have their voices heard in all aspects of school life.

The school council have provided support in decision making within school and have also organised many fundraising events. They have worked alongside the governing body of Ysgol Talhaiarn and have had opportunities to attend award ceremonies and conferences.

Three main targets

  1. To assist in appointing a new headteacher.
  2. To fundraise in order to purchase new toys and equipment for the playground.
  3. To support our local food bank.

Target updates

  1. The school council took part in the overall process of appointing Mrs Mevel as the new head teacher.
  2. Due to the current pandemic we have not had an opportunity to hold any fundraising events.
  3. Currently we donate food collections following our Harvest festival but would like to increase this support throughout the year.