Main Focus Action Plan – Criw Chwaraeon

The NHS recommend that children between the age of 5-18 should complete one hour of exercise a day this takes many forms and can be achieved by walking to school and taking part in playground activities.
Within Ysgol Talhaiarn we have a group of pupils who aim to promote the importance of keeping active. During playtimes our Criw Chwaraeon provide activities taking into account the views and ideas of the other children.


We have worked alongside Ffit Conwy to develop loose parts play resources. All pupils have participated in training provided by Conwy County in order to enhance their ability to provide new and exciting ideas at school.

The Criw Chwaraeon have audited equipment and sorted resource boxes. Each day a different box of resources is used on the yard. These boxes encourage pupils to play in a team, work with a partner and to develop their own games using loose parts.


In the past 12 months we have acquired a bike shelter so that children cycling to school can store their bikes, scooters and helmets safely.

We also have Conwy sports run bike proficiency testing for years 5 and 6.


Criw Chwaraeon have presented a power point to Abergele Golf club of the resources we would like for school. We were thrilled to receive a gift from the golf club and used the money wisely to enhance our provision boxes.

As a school we have a block of swimming sessions every year that all pupils from Year 3 will attend.


  1. The introduction loose parts as part of our non-structured play times.

Target updates