Main Focus Action Plan: Cymraeg Campus

Cymraeg Campus is a Language Charter which aims to inspire our children and young people to use the Welsh language in all aspects of their lives. There are three awards to work for, the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

There are ten targets to achieve for each award.

Ysgol Talhaiarn has achieved the Bronze award for Cymraeg Campus and is currently working towards the Silver award. This award is achieved by a school for its hard work and dedication in promoting the Welsh Langauge and Welsh ethos.

Information for Parents

Y Criw Cymraeg

The school has a ‘Criw Cymraeg‘ that leads the initiative alongside staff members. The Criw Cymraeg is made up of one child from Dosbarth Derbyn to Year 5 and two children from Year 6. They were voted for by the members of their class. Each member wears a badge. Mrs McCann is responsible for leading the initiative, but all members of staff have an important role to play in working towards each target of each award.

Criw Cymraeg Members

Chair Person Eira

Vice Chair


Criw Cymraeg Meetings

The Criw Cymraeg meet regularly. They decide a ‘Phrase of the week’ and then teach this phrase to the school in the weekly Criw Cymraeg Assembly. They also make posters to promote the phrase around the school. The Criw Cymraeg are responsible for handing out “tocynnau iaith”(language tickets) to individual pupils when they are heard to speak Welsh on the playground. At the end of term, the class with the most language tickets, are rewarded with a treat, for example a hot chocolate or/and extra time for outside playtime.

Criw Cymraeg Assembly

Each week the Criw Cymraeg hold an assembly for the whole school including teachers, and support staff. During this assembly Welsh hymns and songs are sung, the Welsh phrase is introduced, and a Welsh prayer is said.

The Criw Cymraeg take a leading role in organising and leading special events such as Shwmae Su’ mae? Day, St. Dwynwen’s Day, St. David’s Day and The School Eisteddfod.

During the year a number of events will be held to support our efforts to achieve this award- your support would be gratefully recieved.

Three main targets