Main Focus Action Plan – Healthy schools

At Ysgol Talhaiarn we participate in Conwy’s healthy school scheme which was launched in 2000. The scheme is a partnership between Health and Education, with schools providing the setting for evidence based health and promoting initiatives which benefit the whole school community.

A healthy school is one which takes responsibility for maintaining and promoting the health of all who ‘learn, work, play and live’ within it not only by formally teaching pupils about how to lead healthy lives but by enabling pupils and staff to take control over aspects of the school environment which influence their health. We encourage visitors into school such as the school liaison officers from North Wales Police who provide us with information on many subjects that may affect us in our lives. We also have Kerbcraft who come in to teach road safety to some of the Foundation Phase pupils.

Three main targets

  1. To encourage and promote healthy eating within school.
  2. To provide suggestion and worry boxes for pupils.
  3. To litter pick in our village once a month.

Target updates

  1. Conwy school dinners provide healthy meals for pupils, however we need to look at promoting healthy snacks and lunchboxes.
  2. Need to source appropriate suggestion boxes.
  3. Due to the pandemic this hasn’t been possible.